About Zandra

Dr. Zandra Palma is a New York-based physician who practices Functional Medicine and Environmental Medicine. Her background is exactly what you’d hope for when you meet your doctor: Human Evolutionary Biology undergraduate at Harvard, medical school at Columbia University, and residency at a place named after a literal genius: Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her mind is a product of her curiosity – despite her achievements, Zandra continues to question what we know, how we know it, and the systems within which that knowledge is bound. 


After several years of Sisyphean efforts to heal patients within a broken system, Zandra had an epiphany: she could simply step outside of that system and learn to solve the root-cause of her patients’ issues. So after training in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology during her residency, Zandra switched gears and did a fellowship in Functional Medicine with the Kresser Institute. 


Zandra’s undergraduate education taught her to think from an evolutionary and systems biology perspective, and Functional Medicine applies this way of thinking to patient care. It was a perfect fit, and while practicing Functional Medicine Zandra has continued to learn and specialize further in Environmental Medicine. 


Outside of patient care, Zandra is an avid creative. She loves to write, and is currently reviving her past-life skills as a writer/actor and producing a TV series that will take viewers on a cheeky trip through the wild world of frontier medicine.

Zandra calls Ibiza home, practices medicine in New York and California, and feeds her soul with the company of funny, funny friends in her favorite cities in Europe and North America. In the winter her rotation features mountains more heavily, as she loves skiing in her home state of Colorado and elsewhere.